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Getting a license in The United States is MUCH cheaper than Japan. Probably only $200 at worst.

You should not regret not getting a license in America, because that license actually does not help you here. I have an American drivers license, and it will only work in Japan for one year (and that's with an International Drivers license I purchased in addition to it) before I need to get a REAL Japanese drivers license.

So even if you did get a driver's license while in America, you would have to get a new license in Japan only a year later. Don't worry about it :)


Wow, I see. Then I will carry on checking driving schools.

Brett, thank you so much for your very valuable advice!


No problem! I have decided not to get a license in Japan while I'm here because it's so expensive...but if I end up staying longer than I plan to, I might get a license after all. Many people who get licenses more easily and cheaply in other countries think Japan's license system is very strange and much more expensive than it should be... but I am curious - what is YOUR opinion of the driver schools and the Japanese system for getting a license? Does it really make better drivers, or is it just to promote public transportation?


Actually I recently reconsidering whether I should get a license or not.
I can go anywhere by train as I live in Tokyo now. If I succeed in enrollment for the University of California Santa Cruz as an exchange student, I should get a license in the USA.

Thank you for your advice, Brett!

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