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Kyle Burger

I saw that the best-selling hair care line in Japan is Tsubaki. In the USA we can get that on the internet but we cant buy in in the supermarkets. Do you know of any websites where citizens of the USA could buy the Shiseido Tsubaki? I await your reply. My e-mail address is [email protected]

Kyle B.


Hello Kyle,

I found Shiseido Tsubaki is available on ebay.com.

But to tell you the truth, I changed my shampoo to Kao Merit since it doesn't agree with my scalp.

Kao Merit is good for a delicate scalp, and you can buy it on online stores in the USA, for exapmle:


Please google it to find other stores.



I searched for the Shiseido Tsubaki hair care line everywhere and I cant seem to find it. Do you know of any websites that sell the Tsubaki line of hair care products? My e-mail address is: [email protected]

I await your reply.
Kyle B.


Dear Kyle,

Japanese Prodact Select Shop Time is Beauty:

But why don't you buy from e-bay?

Thanks. Nate

Mike Deger


Is it possible to find : Shiseido Tsubaki, Japanese Shampoo - in Paris, France?
Before we bought it in Japan, but now how to find it inParis?

Thanks for your preciuos Info.
Best regards.


I sent you an e-mail to you. Please read it.


Jennifer L.

Hi, for your other reviewers in the US, (in California or other states with these stores) you can buy Tsubaki at any Mitsuwa, Ranch 99, Marina Ichiban-kan, or usually any asian store with Japanese influences nearby.

Nate, do you like the Asience brand of shampoo? I am curious if it is any good. :) Anyways, it is nice to see more males concerned about their beauty regimen.


Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your comment.
Yes, exactly. For people in the USA, you can easily find Japanese stuff at Mitsuwa or something Japanese supermarket.
As I have delicate skin, now I use Kao Merit shampoo. Merit is very good for me, so I bought new one two weeks ago.

But if you don't have any problem on you skin, I think Tsubaki and Asience are very good choice. But please be warn both shampoo are made for Mongoloid people.

Emelinda Poveda

Hello, i just want to ask if anyone here knows about essential shampoo and conditioner? I worked in japan for 6mos before and that was the only shampoo and conditioner i liked more than dove and any other products they have, but i was trying to find it online and i couldn't get any single informtion where i could get it... please if anybody has a clue or info tell me coz i really want the smell of essential... thanks

Carolina Nogueira

Is it possible to find : Shiseido Tsubaki, Japanese Shampoo - in Brazil?
Before we bought it in Japan, but now how to find it here?! Please, help me!!!


You can google search KAO Essential Damage Care Shampoo and find it available to order online. Here is one site


I am so sorry that I didn't notice all of your visiting, and thank you very much for your interest.

And yes, Japanese great shampoo and conditioners are available at some online stores and you can find them by google or something.

As I mentioned on the latest post, this blog moved as follow:


I will write better blog and I wish you like it. Thank you for reading.


Hi, I live in San Francisco. We can find some Japanese beauty and hair products at Asican stores. I would like to know what are the top five hair products in Japan.


I recently went on to the Shiseido Tsubaki website and noticed that they came out with a new product, Shiseido Tsibaki Golden Repair! Does anyone know any information about this product or where it's availible? Please e-mail me on my e-mail address at:
[email protected]


Paola Garcia

I just moved here from Japan, how ever I hate American products I can't find my favorite product which is SHISEIDO Shampoo and Conditioner can you please direct me to a website where I can locate this item!



Wow, you know many things about Japanese shampoo and conditioner better than I do!

Yes, White Tsubaki (Golden Repair) will be available in the end of September.

Shiseido says its rich bubbles repair your damaged hair very well.


Hi Nate,
Do you happen to know where I might be able to buy the Shiseido Tsubaki golden repair shampoo and conditoner on any websites? Any websites other than ebay.com?



Is it possible to find : Shiseido Tsubaki, Japanese Shampoo - in Rome, Italy?
Before I bought it in Japan, but now how to find it in Rome? Can you Help me? Please!!!!
My e-mail address is: [email protected]
I await your reply.

Thanks you.
Best regards.


Hello Kyle and Cri,

I found now Tsubaki and other Japanese stuff are available in Amazon.com.

Amazon.com offers international shipping. It's pricy . . . about three times more expensive than street price in Japan.

Yet I've never buy things from overseas (ie not Japan) Amazon. Please try it at your own risk.

More about their International shipping service, see


For example, if you live in Europe, click "Related Topics, Europe" on the bottom of this page.


I love what you do here. My love for Japanese products has started me on my new blog www.grayburn.blogspot.com where I talk about the Shiseido Tsubaki hair products as well as others. Please come check me out! cheers!


Hi, if you want to buy Japanese cosmetic products you can try www.sasa.com website. They are good and they can ship to most part of the world.


Hi - another place to buy Japanese products is www.truerenu.com, they carry Shiseido Tsubaki plus Salux towels and many bath powders from Japan. - Carly.


i was wondering would shiseido Tsubaki still be a good shampoo for a black person to use ,if you were planing to try a new shampoo . i want to use something other than the American brands we have here in the usa to see how they work with my hair .


I am white, and I really like tsubaki. it makes my hair very light, voluminous, and fluffy. also, it makes it shiny and almost crystalline. I don't think any other shampoo has been able to make my hair look like little sparkly crystals are in it.

also , my hair is soft, but very heavily processed/damaged; it is bleached to a very light blonde.

because tsubaki is hard to get overseas, I make sure to buy a big bottle when I am in japan.

michael suckoo

can anyone help? I have been searching for a shiseido product which is derived from the sansho pepper which promotes melanin in the scalp returning grey air to its original colour. I believe its called X-Black Live its available in Japan and the far east.

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