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It looks like a veru good PC. I want to get it for me also.

Tom Kurihara

Good review. I own two NEC laptops, not sold in North America, purchased one in Singapore and the other one in Christchurh, NZ. Replaced two other NEC laptop computers that were purchased in the U.S. before Dell and others cut prices. NEC has good quality, heavy, and cannot compete on price in North America.

I was very impressed by a writing instrument that uses the dry-ink technology and can be erased, similar to the markers used on white boards. Very nice invention for those who make many mistakes while writing. Thank you for thinking about me since I make many typing mistakes, and do not see them to be erased; now I can erase my writing mistakes or my written mistakes. I will be seen as smarter because I can now erase my mistakes while writing. No more mistakes and the eraser does not crumble or wear down like those on graphite or lead pencils! Thank you, TomK


I will write about "erasable pen". It is revolutionaly invitation as you say.
Please wait while my new blog starts...

Cheap Computers

At first it just looks like as if it's an Apple laptop.

Simply amazing and excellent plus it's reliable and inexpensive laptops.

Air Jordan

I should remember your pleasures with gratitude, as i would the harvest of a good time.


Gracias por la ayuda en esta pregunta. Todo genial simplemente.

used laptops

Wow, simply amazing and come to think, it's lightweight.Love it!

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